What is our project about?

This is a project between groups of pupils who prepare lessons for the smart board and active board with their teachers. The lesson cover the areas of their life for example their countries, personalities, characters, hobbies, weather, the Christmas, animals etc.
The topics of the project correspond with the topics from the student´s books. During cooperation we comunicate via TwinSpace, Skype, Emails and other tools, we create a blog of our project, where we want to present our work.

On the end of this blog, you can find all our interactive documents which we created till now.

Here we live :-)


European Quality Label

The next success. Our project got European Quality Label.


Presentation for Czech parents

The end of the project is here and we wanted to show our work to our parents. We invited the parents to our school and showed them what we did during the all school year and how our interactive documents work.
It was nice afternoon.


Another success - The Dutch Quality label

An other success in our project! We have just been awarded the Dutch Quality label!
Now we have 2 national Quality labels for our project. That means we will get the International European Quality Label for our project.
This prize will automaticaly be awarded to us. It will be handed out twice a year and will appear on www.etwinning.net.



The evaluation of our project was not only to ask for Quality Labels in our countries but we made evaluation with pupils too.

Here are the questions, which we have to follow (answer) during the evaluation.

Which topic of the project did you like the best?
Which document was the funniest for you? Why?
Which activity was the best for you?
What did you learn during the project?
What was possitive n the project?

The Czech team made the video answers of these questions. Here you can see it!


Today we tried to make a videoconference. The task for the conference was to make evaluation of our project, because our project is ending and we want of course to see and to speak each other.
We had some technical problem at the beginning of conference, but we made the best and it managed. It was very funny and nice, we spoke and wrote, we saw our partners from the teams, which communicated during the all school year in groups.
The next part of the evaluations was to answer some questions about our project.


Good manners

The last interactive documents in our project are about the topic "Good manners". The Czech team ahs finished the document. This document is really funny. You can see the trip with the team from the Czech Republic. During this trip we made photos and learnt about good manners in the train, bus, street, forest etc.
Here you can download the document.


Next animals from the Dutch team

The Dutch team created next interactive documents about some animals in grass field and in the forest. You can downloaded here.